We’d be pleased to expand on these answers, and any other questions you have, with an ear and eye to addressing your particular needs and interests. 

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What is Bulk Mailing?

About anything that you might normally mail as a single item, e.g. postcards, letters, flyers, catalogs, newsletters, invoices and much more can be mailed in bulk and qualify for postage discounts as well.  Qualifying quantities can be as low as 200 pieces.

Can my mail qualify as a Bulk Mailing?

Perhaps!   Chances are that if you’re asking this question, you’ve reason to believe you might.  So please read on. 

A Bulk Mailing consists of 200 or more properly prepared pieces of mail, normally of the same size and weight.  Postage discounts are offered beginning at that level for Non-Profit and Standard Class mailings. 

First Class items can mail in Bulk as well, however 500 qualifying pieces are required before they can receive postage discounts.   

We’ll be glad to provide you with answers that are specific to your mailing needs or which cover a range of options that you might want to consider. 

Do I need my own mailing permit?

You do not.  However, if you have a permit we can work through either yours or ours.  If you don’t have a permit then you are welcome to use our permits for:  Non-Profit, Standard and First Class mail.

Do you offer postage discounts?

Yes, for all qualifying mail.  All postage pricing is set by the USPS.  You will receive the largest postage discounts that your mailing qualifies for.  We hold our permits with the main postal facility on Jefferson Rd in Rochester, NY.  This main Rochester post office is also known as an SCF facility.

Properly prepared mailings submitted to this facility receive the largest discounts in the region.  Non-Profit and Standard Class bulk mailings delivered to other Rochester, suburban and the surrounding regions mail stations receive smaller postage discounts than the Rochester SCF offers.

Do you provide mailing lists?

Yes.  Mailing lists are available for one-time use or for an unlimited number of uses over a one-year period.  Whether you need to mail to an entire neighborhood or to a group of people or businesses sharing specific characteristics let us help guide you to and provide a list for you that meets your needs.

Can you remove duplicates in our files; what if we’d like to combine a purchased list with ours?

Yes.  This and other datawork we perform here are all part of list hygiene.  List hygiene corrects addresses where possible; identifies undeliverable addresses; updates lists with Change of Address searches; identifies apparent family members at a same address all for the purpose of saving you money and preventing your customers and prospects from receiving duplicate mailings.

>   We also identify and report to you addresses that may not be deliverable by the USPS.

>   We can search public records for the names of deceased individuals and remove them from your lists.

Do you use labels?

We can, although inkjet addressing directly onto your mail piece is normally faster and more economical.  The amount of space to reserve in your design layout for addressing on your mail piece is normally about 1” x 4”.

We can apply labels if needed, particularly when a printed piece has been heavily aqueous coated.

Can you personalize my mail?

Yes.  Personalizing and dating letters is particularly desirable for fund-raising.   Also known as mail merge, if your information, i.e. text and/or numbers, can be saved into an Excel file then we can add this information to your documents or envelopes wherever needed.  Mail merge gives a personal touch to fund-raising letters and makes it very easy to suggest various giving levels based upon your donor history.