Address Updating

Address Updating

List Management/Duplicate Removal

Keeping your organization’s mailing and contact lists up to date should be a well-organized, carefully maintained component of your communication system. The US Postal Service requires that mail lists used in discounted mailings be updated regularly.

According to the United States Postal Service:

“Over 40 million Americans change their address annually, which creates formidable obstacles in maintaining a high-quality mailing list.”

Undeliverable and returned mail is an unwanted expense in any organization. Have AmeriMail clean and reorganize your lists. We will “look-back” up to four years to provide you with current mailing addresses for customers who’ve relocated. Stop mailing materials to customers who have moved out of your sales and/or service area. This critical service will save you printing, production and postage costs.

If your mailing database has grown over the years into a combination of upper and lower case entries, multiple family members at the same address, or a mix of business and consumer listings, we can help. Your database will be returned in your preferred database format, and sorted to your preference, e.g. alphabetically, zip, expiration date, donor number or sales volume.